When it comes to resources – the possibilities can be endless. A great place to start is understanding what you are looking for.  For example:

  • Personal Development
    • Improve existing skill sets
    • Learn a new skill
    • Earn Certifications
  • Marketing & Business Development
    • Track website traffic & conversions
    • Easy to create branded content
    • Call tracking
  • Time Management
    • Maximize and manage your professional and personal time
    • Improve Scheduling
  • Digital Organization
    • Organizing personal photos
    • Online file organization
  • Project Management
    • Collaboration tools
    • Process to implement tools

The list can go on, and on. Stay tuned to our upcoming articles that will explore each topic and include links to available resources.  You can opt-in to reminder at the bottom of this page. 

Here are a few resources that we use on a daily basis and are worth exploring. Like any new tool or resource we suggest exploring the feature and having a simple plan to execute. If you need help or have questions explore the help or chat section on the company website. Another great way to get started is ask others for help… what worked for them.

Dropbox – file sharing is easier then ever!

Google SuiteEmail host, shared files, video chat and so much more.

CanvaCreating images with a text overlay, infographics and more.

PicmonkeyEdit photos with text over lays, lighten, brighten and more.

Eventbrite – online registration for virtual and in-person events

ConvertKit– Email Automation

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