Kristin Kane Ford


Kristin is our VisionaryWhile staying up to date on the latest social media and marketing trends, she continually educates clients on the changing online marketing atmosphere. With a background in studio art and photography, she brings the element of visual design making sure the content created for a client not only sounds great but looks great as well.  When not connected, Kristin spends time with her family- husband, Mike and son, Parker. In 2021, Kristin co-founded The Kellan Ford Foundation in honor of her son Kellan who lost his battle to brain cancer in 2021.




Kelly is our Task Master.  When it comes to tasks and project management, Kelly is our go-to. With 3 kids and experience in planning incredible events, she ensures projects are on track and on time.  She is an organization extraordinaire whether it comes to online files, the office, and everything in between. While not working or being “Mom”, Kelly enjoys planning parties and cooking.  She is always optimistic, happily working on process improvement while chomping on carrots and drinking a Kombucha.



Jack is our Data Cruncher. Through the multiple digital marketing tools at our disposal, Jack is able to optimize our client’s websites or digital campaigns to gain as much exposure on Google and other platforms as possible. With a degree in engineering, analyzing data and gaining results has become second nature to him. By working in tandem with the rest of the KPSM team, he is able to best position our client’s social campaigns for success in a crowded digital world. When he is not online, Jack likes playing sports and going to the gym, as well as rooting for his favorite Philadelphia sports teams.




Kyle is our Creative Writer. All client website and social media content goes through Kyle; his responsibilities span from content creation, editing, and distribution. In collaboration with our SEO analyst and marketing team, Kyle ensures that our clients’ content seamlessly integrates into their broader digital marketing efforts. Ultimately, his role as Content Manager is to elevate your online presence. When he’s off the clock, Kyle enjoys spending time with family and friends and rooting for his local sports teams.